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For more than a decade, Eynat has been steering branding processes and leading her clients on their way to success. Ranging from hi-tech to consumer goods, food and well-being the studio’s credo is to provide each business with a bespoke visual identity. Crafting a unique language that drives and engages potential clients, Eynat makes sure it is also consistent with the business strategy. Working closely with her clients and responding to their needs, each project is carefully researched to provide the best solution.
When the branding process is over the client gets a uniform, articulate graphic language ready to be implemented across all relevant marketing channels and platforms.
A message from Eynat Iny
I accompany my clients on their way to create a new visual identity for their business, one that will stand out, engage, and be just right. Being part of meaningful and significant branding processes for over 20 years, I have acquired not only professionalism based on experience and expertise, but also business insight and profound understanding concerning the branding process and its essence.

How far do you want to go?
Your vision and goals will inspire the graphic language, the design, and also the metaphors we will use. At the end of the process your vision and goals will in fact be expressed in your visual identity and marketing products.

Where do we start?
It’s a pleasure to meet you!
Let’s start with an introductory meeting, a very important phase for learning about your business or organization and identifying its strengths that among others are the milestones of a unique, differentiating brand.

How will you know we are on the right track?
I pay close attention to my clients and make sure they are well informed every step of the way. Shortly after the project sets off you receive product and print demos, keeping you in touch with the project and its progress.

Design, branding and marketing literature
Work does not end with sending files to my clients. The studio collaborates with the best professionals in various disciplines to make sure you g